cPRIME Study 1/Fall ’09

cPRIME Study 1/Fall ’09

In standard strength measurements, where the therapist pushes on the arm or leg and the participant resists, participants experienced improvements in strength that averaged over 20% and some improved by over 60%.
Standard flexibility testing that measures flexibility of the leg in degrees of range of motion, participants gained as much as 15% improvements in the same test after wearing cPRIME Technology.
In a standard test where stability on a foam platform is timed, participants gained an average of over 18% when testing with their eyes open, with individuals with improvements of more than 2 fold. In the more challenging testing with ‘eyes closed’, wearing cPRIME produced an average improvement in balance of 55%, with some participants doubling and even tripling their scores.
Dr. T. Eric Yokoo, MD
“In rehabilitation, we want to get patients back to their best possible functioning as quickly as possible. Simply donning the cPRIME technology markedly improved the performance of the majority of our rehab clients, some of whom experienced significant improvements, especially around strength and balance.
As the founder and president of the Association of Volleyball Physicians, I am heavily involved in working with all levels of volleyball players. After initially being introduced to the cPRIME technology, I tested it on 10 volleyball players by first testing without the wrist band, then with it and then without it again. Each of the players improved markedly in shoulder strength with it and that gain was lost once we then removed it.
I became a real believer and agreed to participate as an investigator on the trial.”
-Dr. T. Eric Yokoo, MD
Joel Z. Scherr, DPT
“I have used many interventions in physical rehabilitation over the years and am very open to any technology that may benefit patients and has no down side.
In a standard set of evaluations that we conduct with our patients routinely to evaluate strength, balance and flexibility, the cPRIME technology was associated with improvements in these areas of performance. Some people saw benefits of over 40%. One patient in particular stands-out. She is an elderly woman, over 80 years old, who has significant difficulty walking. She has, in the past, sustained head injuries from falls and needs to use a walker to get around. We placed the cPRIME technology wrist band on her and I, along with three of my other physical therapists, were stunned at the improvement in her balance and gait.
We repeatedly placed the wrist band on and off and the improvement would appear and then be lost again. She continues to benefit from the technology. It was truly amazing.”
-Joel Z. Scherr, DPT
Lider Chan, MSC, DPT
“The cPRIME technology was tested on clients in my physical rehabilitation practice to quantitatively assess what impact, if any, the technology could have.
Surprisingly, when wearing the technology, the majority of subjects saw marked improvement. In the area of strength, it was as much as 40% or more.
Although an open label evaluation, these were compelling findings. Furthermore, when I was tested, I personally experienced similar improvements. I attributed to the difference in my performance to somehow enlisting more of my muscles potential. It was quite startling.”

-Lider Chan, MSc, DPT

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