cPRIME Performance Bracelets

74119_455449364494_320003244494_5673468_3448494_nThere are many products and opportunities that can help people enjoy a better life. Today’s world is very hectic, and filled with electro-magnetic frequencies that bombard our bodies, sometimes many hours every day.  Do you use a mobile phone, computer, WiFi, MiFi, microwave, etc? All emit electro-magnetic frequencies. Look deep into your mobile phone User Guides, and notice how far away the manufacturer suggests you keep the device away from your head.
cPRIME technology was developed with quantum physic technology. cPRIME has a Utility Patent that explains in great detail how it works as a “planar antenna array”, redirecting harmful electro-magnetic forces away from the body.  Many of our customers report a significant increase in strength, flexibility and balance.  It often is experienced immediately.  I have received numerous testimonials from our cPRIME customers, some of them expressions of verbal elation, and others have taken the time to put their expressions in writing.  They range in age from young to older, and include professional athletes.  You can read their own words on our cPRIME Testimonials page.
cPRIME technology is worn by everyone from stay-at-home moms to neurosurgeons to top professional athletes.  You can see some famous people on our Who Wears cPRIME page.
My wife, Cookie, and I feel great, and cPRIME has changed our lives. We invite you to join us in wearing these amazing products.

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