Lasting Joy

Lasting Joy
The best moments you have ever known are still with you. All the happiness and joy you have ever experienced is a part of you. Indeed, it lives in you. Circumstances most certainly change, from moment to moment, but the good things which you’ve known never go away. 
Deep down inside, you are still the same person you were on the happiest day you’ve ever experienced. And deep down inside is where things truly matter. 
Joy is cumulative and persistent. Think of a happy time and you are happy. The world will often attempt to drag you down and when it does, summon the power of your happiness. Think of the best moments you have ever known. They are still with you. And there are many more to come.
Joy is more than the pleasure of the moment. It is an affirmation that life is very much worth living. It may sometimes get covered up, but it never has to go away. Keep it with you and add to it all that you can.

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