cPRIME Performance Bracelets

What is cPRIME technology and how does it work?

cPRIME utilizes a patent-pending, revolutionary technology that consists of a proprietary, light-derived aluminum substrate chip. This chip can be embedded within various delivery systems (e.g. wrist bands, shirt tags, pet collars, etc.). Although we don’t commonly think about it, light energy is one of the key ingredients to human performance, health, and functionality.

The chip is designed to take advantage of the body’s unique ability to utilize light energy and chip serves as an antenna that attracts, captures, reorganizes and redirects photon energy surrounding the human body (bio-field). Essentially, the chip serves as a bio-antenna that may improve the pathway and functionality of the bio-field and result in improved strength, balance, flexibility, and endurance.

Want more info? http://www.mycprime.net

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